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Cincinnati Drone Photos TM aerial photography & videography provides beautiful views that are not only pioneering and fascinating, but beautiful and historically unprecedented, leaving you in awe, wonder, and mystery of the genesis in each image or video. Championing innovative drone photography and videography is the key to capturing unique memories and captivating aerial views instead of common ground shots limiting perspective and landscape.  There are endless valuable applications for aerial photography.  Allow us to memorialize and capture an epic story from the sky for you or your business. We believe we are transforming "curb appeal" to aerial appeal, because we provide quality aerial photography and videography for the world to see.  Cincinnati Drone Photos is   “A View Above the Rest"

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We are FAA Certified as a UAS Remote Pilots, We are fully insured, United States Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 107 compliant. We have also passed a Federal TSA Security Background Check that ensures trust to operate and fly in the United States.  We have three FAA registered aircraft available for your service to operate in our NAS national airspace.

Cincinnati Drone Photos, LLC is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Cincinnati Drone Photos, LLC has a model Policy that guides our Pilots to fly safely that we embrace and honor. 

**Official documentation, certifications, insurance, and our policy is available upon request**

We are committed to ongoing FAA Accredited Continuing Education WINGS or AMT credits in order to provide safe and enhance knowledge, skills, and ability to professionally serve our clients.  We also have over twelve years of model aircraft flight experience, over 600 documented professional flights, and over 1000 recreational flights.  

Our enhanced training to date:

* FAA Certified Airman Certificate

* Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Small UAS) Recurrent

* Unmanned Aerial Systems - What Every Pilot needs to Know

* Unmanned Aerial Systems - aka Drones

* Airman Certification Standards (ACS) Explained (ID71)

* Best Tips and Sites for Self Briefing

* Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk Management for sUAS Operators

* CFI/DPE Forum - Aeronautical Decision Making

* Six Steps to the Perfect Preflight Brief

* Terrible Triad of Fatigue Stress and Medications

* Part 107 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

* AMA Temporary Flight Restrictions and NOTAMS

* Digital Photography

* Do You Know NOTAMs?

* FAA Safety Briefing Live! November - December 2018 Issue

* Safe Self-Briefing - Weather Briefing II

* Commercial Drone Pilot: CFR Part 107 Explained

* How to Identify Class B Airspace

* How to Identify Class C Airspace

* How to Identify Class D Airspace

* How to Identify Class E Airspace

* How to Identify Class G Airspace

* How to Fly my Drone in the Air Safely

* How to Identify what Airspace you are Operating in

* Airspace Restrictions, NOTAMs, TFRs, Prohibited Airspace, and Restricted Areas

* What is the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)

* Use of Weather Information

* US Drone Integration Past Present and Future







"Carl is the BEST drone photographer in Cincinnati!! He is also an extremely professional and positive person. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Carl. This is my 31st year as a Realtor and Stager and presentation is everything. Carl supports the best presentation for one’s property."
Julia Wesselkamper, Realtor

Coldwell Banker

Montgomery Community Church

"I believe that Cincinnati Drone Photos has many great qualities and professional strengths. Given this truth, the most important thing I can say is that Cincinnati Drone Photos sets the bar for customer service. Here at MCC, Cincinnati Drone Photos has been the aerial photography we can rely on to tackle any task with diligence while also demonstrating the care and kindness needed to make others feel valued."

-Phil Posthuma, Lead Pastor

Montgomery Community Church

EPIC Community

"Cincinnati Drone Photos = Excellence. They will come fully prepared and ready to capture the drone footage your project needs to be a success. Cincinnati Drone Photos shoots high quality content and due to their heart to serve will find a way to get it right. Cincinnati Drone Photos has creatively developed angles and shots we didn’t even think of to produce engaging recap and promotion videos and photography. Cincinnati Drone Photos has the capability of capturing impressive angles and progressive movement with steady quality."
-Daniel McKee, Family Life Pastor

Montgomery Community Church

Princeton School Teacher

"The use of the drone ensured immediate engagement by my 8th grade math students. We used it to teach and practice indirect measurement. Cincinnati Drone Photos was very helpful in both the planning and execution of this lesson. Cincinnati Drone Photos ability to position and stabilize the drone and capture video and photos provided additional perspective and further solidified the effectiveness of the lesson. Cincinnati Drone Photos  friendliness and professionalism allowed them to provide service without disruption."

-Mr. Ed Jones, Middle School Teacher

Princeton Middle School


“We were very impressed with the wonderful drone aerial shots taken of our listing by Cincinnati Drone Photos, LLC and Carl Ray. It was exactly what we were looking for with our marketing promotion. The quality is exceptional and the different angle of shots are outstanding and gave a good presentation of not only the listing, but also the neighborhood and life style. We appreciated the speed of service also! We would definitely use Cincinnati Drone Photos in the future and would recommend them highly if ever asked for a recommendation.”

-Wanda Langdon, Realtor

RE/MAX Cincinnati 

                                                                                  Real Estate Broker 

"My experience with Cincinnati Drone Photos was exceptional. We met at a large farm that I have listed. He spent hours using 2 -different drones to capture the home and entire property. Within a day I was sent the most incredible video that he created. I have passed his name along to other people with the same professional results. Thumbs Up, Carl Ray!"

-G. Todd Young

Sells More Homes

                                                                                     Home Owner

"Cincinnati Drone Photos produced two Hollywood Quality drone videos for me and I will use them again.  Aerial video is a powerful tool for real estate sales and Carl Ray is a Master Videographer." 

-Mike Cromer

Cincinnati, OH


"Carl Ray is very responsive and gets the job done right and quickly which is important to me and my Real Estate clients."

-Sandra Peters

Comey & Shepherd Realtors 


"When asked to view a particular piece of a project he filmed, he was very responsive and followed up to make sure I was able to view the footage."

-Rick Dostal

Cincinnati, OH

                                                                                Property Manager

"Thank you for your help in resolving our situation. In addition, with our roof line almost 45 feet above ground we cannot inspect our gutter system. With your service we were able to do that at a reasonable cost, our other option would have cost use almost $2,000 more."

-Jerry Ball

Cincinnati, OH

                                                                               Marketing Manager

 "Great to work with! Prompt delivery of images and gave us significantly more images than we asked for."

-Andrea Bustamante   

Atlanta, GA 



"He is very professional and easy to work with. He provided very detailed and skilled photo and video of the property as requested."
-T. Braun 
-Diocese of Covington KY

Marketing Manager

"I recommend Carl for any job, big or small. The quality of the video and skilled shots he can capture is incredible! Completely professional! Completely affordable! Representing a large business, I have depended on Carl many times. He has always exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't go anywhere else."

-J. Haas

Kerry Automotive Group, CIncinnati

                                                                           Home Owner

Carl is extremely professional gentlemen who is fun to work with.  I have worked with him on two different projects.  He has done a outstanding job and was very timely in both cases. I recommend Cincinnati Drone Photos to all who need a higher look.

-S. Fisher

Ryland Heights KY

                                                                       Business Manager

My company used Cincinnati Drone Photos for a completed project and the photos turned out great. Very happy with the experience.

-C. Fisher

Cincinnati OH

                                                                        Ryland Lakes Country Club

We hired Carl to help create a new presentation on our web site for the Country Club. He was professional, efficient, insightful and created the narrative and video to highlight what makes our club unique. Thanks Carl for everything.

-C. Heilbronner

Ryland Lakes Country Club KY

                                                                          Executive Director

I highly recommend Ray for any job. He did such a great job and was so easy to work with. The footage that he was able to capture was stunning. He exceeded our expectations.

-J. Dekruyter

Alongside Ministries, Richland MIchigan


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